Who am I?

Hiking in the Nevada desert


Texas (all state and federal)

5th Circuit Court of Appeals

10th Circuit Court of Appeals

Maryland (state)


J.D., Baylor Law School, Waco, Texas (2009)

B.A., Howard Payne University, Brownwood, Texas (2005)

High school: Midway High School, Waco, Texas (2001)

I’m a thinker. I like playing piano and guitar, chess and logic puzzles. For exercise, I like to run. I like to get outdoors when I can, and I like to play with words.

I grew up in Waco, went to college in Brownwood, and came back to Waco for law school.

From 2009 to 2011, my wife and I lived in Baltimore and watched a lot of baseball at Camden Yards. To pay the bills, I worked on a massive lawsuit filed by a bunch of homeowners. Their water supply had been polluted when a nearby gas station leaked 27,000 gallons of gas over the course of a month. We took literally hundreds of depositions and spent six months in trial.

We moved back to Texas in 2011. For two years, I worked for a small firm in Clear Lake, primarily helping homeowners get insurance to cover the damage to their homes and businesses from Hurricane Ike and other major weather events.

From 2013 to 2020, I worked for a small general commercial litigation firm in Houston. I worked on dozens of cases in a wide variety of areas, including bankruptcy, on both the debtor and the creditor side; appeals, both civil and criminal; landlord-tenant disputes, on both sides; construction disputes; employer-employee disputes (including non-compete and non-solicitation agreements); business divorces and investor disputes; and first-party insurance disputes.

During that time, I took seven cases to trial and worked on nearly a dozen briefs in appellate courts—including six criminal appeals.

In the summer of 2020, I started my own firm because I believe that’s the best way for me to effectively and efficiently help the people I want to help. In that time, I have worked on dozens of criminal and CPS cases, helping people in serious trouble.