How can I help?

Life is hard. Sometimes it’s tragic. Often, things don’t happen how we hoped. Many times, things happen that we hadn’t planned for. I got into this business to solve problems, not to make them. Since I started practicing in 2009, I have done all kinds of work. Here are some areas where I can help the most:

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CPS Defense and Appeals

In Texas, the official name for CPS is the Department of Family and Protective Services. I’ve had the honor of representing parents and other family members in all stages of CPS cases since 2020, including:

  • Show cause and adversary hearings
  • Service plan hearings
  • Placement hearings
  • Final hearings
  • Jury trials
  • Appeals

Every case is different, but I’ve seen parents get their kids back at almost every stage of the case. While the end result depends on you, I do my best to make sure you feel heard throughout the process.

Criminal Defense and Appeals

We all get in a little trouble now and then, only sometimes it’s a bit more trouble than others. I’ve represented folks on all kinds of charges, like:

  • Assault charges
  • Drug charges – including possession of marijuana and other controlled substances
  • Evading and resisting arrest
  • Gun and firearm charges, including unlawful possession
  • Harassment and protective order violations
  • Prostitution-related charges
  • Theft charges
  • Vehicle charges – including driving while intoxicated and leaving the scene of an accident

And I’ve represented them at all phases of the process:

  • Plea bargaining
  • Guilt / innocence
  • Sentencing
  • Motions to adjudicate or to revoke probation
  • Appeal

I sincerely hope you don’t need my help, but if you do, give me a call at (254) 307-9185 to see what we can do.