How can I help?

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Life is hard. Sometimes it’s tragic. Often, things don’t happen how we hoped. Many times, things happen that we hadn’t planned for. I got into this business to solve problems, not to make them. Since I started practicing in 2009, I have done all kinds of work. Here are some areas where I can help the most:

Bankruptcy and Debt Relief:

  • deal with creditors to avoid bankruptcy
  • Chapter 7 liquidation
  • Chapter 11 reorganization
  • Chapter 13 payment plan
  • protect creditor rights in bankruptcy (e.g., proof of claim, motions to lift the stay)

Family Law:

  • divorces
  • child custody disputes
  • child support
  • termination of parental rights

Criminal Defense and Appeals:

  • state and federal
  • procedural issues (e.g., unreasonable searches and seizures, speedy trial violations)
  • guilt / innocence
  • sentencing


  • applications for adjustment of status
  • removal defense
  • appeals and petitions for review

Business Disputes:

  • contract disputes
  • mechanic’s liens
  • noncompete and nonsolicitation disputes
  • landlord-tenant issues

For the lawyers: Ghostwriting and Coverage

  • I love reading and writing. If you don’t, let me take it off your plate. I’ve got 10 years’ experience researching and drafting all kinds of pleadings, motions, and briefs at trial and appellate levels in both state and federal court.
  • I also love going to court. If you can’t make it to a hearing or deposition for some reason, let me see if I can help.
  • References available on request.